Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Busy Signals

The Busy Signals
Dirtnap Records

The Busy Signals are a power pop / melodic punk band originated from Atlanta, GA who relocated to Chicago, IL. With ballsy female vocals, vigorous guitar rips and catchy beats the Busy Signals reinvent the late 70’s and early 80’s cult punk scene. Admitting there is no rush for stardom, the Busy Signals’ primary influences are from bands that were only popular by just a few songs. With that being said, every song on their self titled cd seems to be mastered after B-sides or one hit wonders from the power pop genre. Songs such as "Got it All Wrong" or "Uh-Oh" bring flashbacks of dirty punk clubs, black jeans, thick eyeliner and dusty 1980’s records.
Although The Busy Signals don’t quite live up to the success of modern day pop punk, they do retaliate with one force to be reckoned with – old school originality.

- Mia Carlin

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