Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Miss Derringer

Black Tears
Stay Gold Records

While the cover art for Miss Derringer’s Black Tears intrigued me (think albino Bambi meets a gothic Alice in Wonderland), the music itself caught me off guard.
With surf guitar and a 1950’s melody of lovers lament, Black Tears takes you back to a time where holding hands & sharing a chocolate malt was all a date consisted of.
I applaud Miss Derringer’s gutsy attempt to bring back 1950’s pop culture in this 2 track teaser. Her voice is sweet enough to pull off the yearning innocence of American girl groups from the doo-wop era and the hint of indie rock keeps it a tad modern enough to maintain an interest from this generations alterna-hipsters.
A good find if you are in the mood for a change of pace from the usual punk hype, emo, hip hop, black metal or top 40 disappointments.
Besides, it always gives you something to play when your parents (or grandparents) are visiting.

- Mia Carlin

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