Monday, January 21, 2008


Bliss Of Solitude
Napalm Records

Ahhhh....doom metal. I love doom metal. The dark foreboding atmospheres, massive guitar riffs and haunting lyrics really appeal to my blackened heart. Only a handful of bands know how to do this style correctly and Isole rank as one of them. The vocals are clear and sorrowful and the music reminds me of early Candlemass (which after looking at their myspace page was obvious) who were major godfathers of doom. So yes, you could say I liked this album quite a bit. Ironically enough they are from Sweden, where it seems many of the best doom and black metal bands hail from. The songs keep the slow to medium tempos as should all doom metal and the guitars are thick but discernable. There are only seven songs on this release but quality over quantity is always better I say. Isole are the perfect companion for grey days and dark nights when the hours of loneliness and despair fill your soul.

- Craig Harvey

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