Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Alice in VideoLand

Maiden Voyage Plus
Artoffact Records

Alice in Videoland – the name says it all. Put the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Madonna (the early years), Gwen Stefani and Cyndi Lauper in a sample machine, mix it up, throw it into an Atari game and bam, you’ve got Alice in Videoland.
Although the repetitive videogame like loops can get a bit irritating, it can also be useful when you want to increase the energy of your day. Wanna do some cardio? Listen to Maiden Voyage Plus. Need some energy before going to the club? Fuck a Redbull, listen to Maiden Voyage Plus. Don’t listen to Maiden Voyage Plus on a road-trip; you may be tempted to have a led foot (although the light show from the cop sirens could add cool effects with the music).
Though I’ve never been one for synthesizer powered music, I’d have to say songs like "Red", "Sweet Thing" and "Lay Me Down" persuaded me to listen to the cd more often than not.
Sexy cute vocals from lead singer Toril Lindqvist definitely accompany the music with certain spunk; however, briefly during the song Panic you actually hear a more organic sound from her. She shows in the first verse who she really is, or rather, what she really sounds like, then jumps right back into Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Gwen again -like a singer with multiple personality disorder.
While I enjoy a good electronica cd every now and again, I would like to see Toril show us a little more of her original vocal talents. She has a very pretty voice and shouldn’t cover it up with all of the extra effects of electropop.
Over all I would say it’s a decent cd & should definitely be considered one to listen to for a good Saturday night out.

- Mia Carlin

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