Monday, January 21, 2008


Pathology Of Murder
Napalm Records

Catastrophic sound like Nu metal on steroids meets death metal. Honestly I have heard this style till I am sick of it. Nothing original stands out here. Same growling/screaming vocals, downtuned guitars, evil lyrics etc, etc..... Granted every style of music has the same problem, one band sounds original and then the copycat syndrome starts. However, this style was never really a favorite of mine to begin with, so that also doesn't really help in the band's favor anyway. Yeah, it's heavy, but being heavy is easy. Being creative, unique and heavy is much harder, something Catastrophic is severely lacking.

- Craig Harvey

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edge187 said...

I don't think you should diss the band alone for sounding unoriginal. They found a sound they like from bands that are popular and used that as inspiration. I'll agree that what I've heard so far (I'm up to track three) is by no means original. But the vocals are still good, and the guitar solo in track two was insane. And this third track is a little different...and not just because there's a female vocalist. the variation of instruments is used very nicely, IMO.