Monday, January 21, 2008

Tankfarm Presents

Future Sounds (artist compilation)
Various Record Lables - The Music Box @ Fonda

Future Sounds sprang from one man’s passion for music and the pleasure he received from sharing newfound bands with friends. A manager and DJ in the San Francisco scene, and the guy that was always giving friends a never-ending supply of mix tapes, Larry Little (co-manager of The Killers) had a bigger vision in mind.
While Little found success via the The Killers’ mainstream status, he realized there was also a community of amazing new bands that were rarely given the chance to be heard through traditional media outlets. Thus the inspiration of the mix tapes began and started another form of networking for underground recording artists.
More as an artistic release for Little than a strategic promotion, these mixtapes transformed into what has become FutureSounds; a compilation CD of nu wave, alternative and indie rock bands from a variety of record labels.
There is spirited quality with this CD from songs such as "Patricia The Stripper (The Wombats)", "Land of the Brain Damaged (Hong Kong Six)", "Blue Honey (Pop Levi)" "Suite Life (Kudu)" and "Lintwalk (The Blakes)".
Future Sounds is full of reinvented flavor as well as originality and is definitely my top pick for all of the CD’s I have reviewed so far.
Although the compilation is not available in stores you may purchase it online at

- Mia Carlin

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