Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ultra Records

Jes Brieden, well known as the voice for Motorcycle on the rock inspired trance track "As the Rush Comes" with Gabriel & Dresden, has branched off on to her own with her solo debut Disconnect.
Disconnect is a best described as part downtempo part dance trance with creative combinations of electronica, house, and pop mixes swimming throughout the cd.
Songs like "People Will Go" and "Around You", gives off a familiar mesh of Bjork and possibly Sarah Mclachlan, yet the sound is so fleeting that you’re not quite sure what you’ve just heard.
By far my favorite piece, "Stronger" introduces you to a more percussive beat of lifting trip hop melodies and organ progression; again making you wonder "Wait, Bjork? Fiona Apple?" Nope, it’s Jes. The song stands alone on the album, completely different than all of the other songs – like it’s a sneak preview from another project Jes is working on.
Personally, I wish Jes had more songs like this on the cd. If more of her songs were like this one, she would be in my top 5 albums this year for sure.
With soothing vocals and soaring melodies, you can’t help but want to put on some big ass headphones, sit outside in the moonlight & completely submerge yourself deep in Electroland. Songs like "In Ohm", "Imagination" and "My Blue Heart" start to work on relieving the tension of your daily routine.
Jes succeeds in plucking you out of your hum drum stressful workday and planting you right into a world full of galaxies, glowing waterfalls and twilight singing nymphs.
Call me silly, but this world sounds much better than the one that awaits us when 7am comes around.
Just listen to the self titled track "Disconnect" and you’ll catch my drift; Jes gets it – that’s for sure.

- Mia Carlin

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